Monday 11 April 2016




We are a vibrant and dynamic training provider to Corporate and Government organisations. We are registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). All our training programmes and courses are claimable from HRDF under the SBL scheme.

Our critical mission is to assist our clients to develop and prepare their staff  to meet future challenges and deliver superior performance at the workplace,  through effective public and in-house training courses and programmes. 


We provide training courses and programmes in the following categories:
- English Language and Communication Skills
- Development Programmes for Staff, Clerical, Executive and Managers
- HR Related Courses
- IT Skills
- Technical Skills
      We are happy to discuss your training needs and customise our courses for you. You may contact us through our training consultant 
      Siti Aishah 012-8919855

      Upcoming Public Programmes in 2016

      29 April
      Domestic Inquiry
      30 April
      Pengurusan Fail & Dokumen

      6 May
      Managing Absenteeism
      7 May
      Finance for Non Finance
      13 May
      Technical Report Writing
      14 May
      How to Control Turnover
      20 May
      Pemanduan Berhemah
      21 May
      Pengendalian Forklift
      27 May
      Employment Act
      28 May
      Ready for Toeic

      3 June
      4 June
      10 June
      Supervisory Skills
      11 June
      Pengucapan Awam

      29 July
      Business Writing
      30 July
      Tax Accounting

      5 August
      Telephone Skills
      6 August
      Pengurusan Setor & Inventori
      12 August
      Oh My English !
      13 August
      Oh My English !
      19 August
      Blue Ocean Strategy
      20 August
      High Impact Presentation Skills
      26 August
      Payroll System
      27 August
      Leadership Skills

      2 September
      Project Management
      3 September
      9 September
      Handling Difficult Customer
      10 September
      Business Ethics
      23 September
      Employment Act
      30 September
      Account for Non Accounting

      1 October
      Labour Law
      7 October
      Komunikasi Berkesan
      8 October
      Panduan Kecemasan ( First Aid )
      21 October
      Maintenance Excellence
      22 October
      Closing Technique Sales
      28 October
      Study Skills & Note Taking
      29 October
      Listening Skills & Questioning

      4 November
      Penulisan Surat Rasmi
      5 November
      Food Handling
      11 November
      Penyeliaan Berkesan
      12 November
      Domestic Inquiry
      18 November
      Managing Absenteeism
      19 November
      Tax Accounting
      25 November
      Oh My English!
      26 November
      Oh My English!

      2 December
      Ceremony Skills
      3 December
      Better Spoken English
      9 December
      Ready For Toeic
      10 December
      Project Management
      16 December
      17 December
      7 QC Tools
      23 December
      Technical Report Writing
      30 December
      How to Control Turnover

      Please use the enquiry form or email to register your seat immediately to qualify for group and early bird special discounts!

      For info on our public programmes and more, please contact our training consultant 
      Siti Aishah 012-8919855