Tuesday 4 March 2014


Stressed out staff have lower productivity. This significantly affects the success of the staff. Stressed staffs are more inclined to leave which incurs the costs of recruitment and training. In the fast changing modern situation, the risks of stress are high. Conversely highly motivated and less stressed out staff are usually the most productive and successful

This Stress & LIFE Management training course gives participants practical tools to improve levels of stress and avoid the pitfalls. This stimulating course allows participants to consider and improve their living and behavior patterns and reframe their mindsets and behavior to be wired for success. This program also help participants manage their multiple priorities and time so they can control the work and life demands of every day, accomplish more in less time, work more effectively with others and with their team and respond to multiple demands and projects Smart time management is not about cramming more activity into each hour; but about achieving greater results in that hour. This program provides powerful, practical insights and ideas that really work, including specific, practical, effective time management techniques.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

- Balance multiple priorities with ease and confidence
- Learn to recognize and make maximum use of your peak energy periods
- Become more positive and gain a sense of accomplishment from your work
- Attain work/life balance and handle pressure and stress more effectively 
- Identify goals and objectives, and prioritize your activities 
- Maximize your time and productivity working with other people 
- Handle unexpected demands with competence and confidence 
- Understand and manage your communication options effectively 
- Be more positive and productive at work 

What is Success? 

- Introduction to success
- How to turn negative self-talk into positive affirmations 
- How you can reduce day-to-day hassles by establishing 
  positive relationships with people at work and at home
- The Power of your Subconscious Mind
- Understanding your mind

Basic concepts around time: defining your time challenges

- Challenges presented by your own attitudes/feelings about time 
- Identifying the real time wasters 
- Assessing your current time management system and 
  your own personal challenges 
- The Pareto Principle
- How Much Is Your Time Worth?
- The Urgent/Important Matrix (Covey Principles)

Making Business Decisions about How to Invest Your Time 

- Distinguish between being effective and being efficient.
- Your internal clock
- Activity logs/Schedules/Diaries
- Planning Activities 
- Classify all your activities according to a formula for potential

Work/life balance and handling pressure and stress 

- Goal Setting: Professional and personal. 
- Wishful Thinking 
- Tap your subconscious for ideas 
- Defining your specific challenges to career and life balance 
- Discovering the relationship between stress and performance 
- Techniques for coping with and controlling stress
- Relaxation skills you can master to control stress and relieve tension 
- Diet and Health


This is a highly interactive Two Day programme involving individual and group exercises, 
experiential activities and games, discussions and analysis of work-based situations, 
assessment tools to give you valuable skills and techniques to master your time and stress. 
You will be stimulated to think about what you will do differently or how you can 
transfer the elements you have learned into your practice. 

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