Monday, 11 July 2016

A3 Problem Solving Techniques

Training Objective:
This workshop provides the rudiments of problem solving
using the A3 Techniques. This hands-on and highly
participative workshop aims at developing people’s ability to
frame, analyse and solve problems using the Lean A3 Thinking
management approach originated from Toyota and adopted by
Lean organisations around the world.
The approach directs people’s behaviour towards gaining and
sharing insights, guiding and capturing the story of a problem,
raise visibility within their organisations, and setting standards
as baselines for continuous improvement.
Master A3 Problem Solving, the powerful method
borrowed from the Toyota Production System (TPS)
Learn techniques to incorporate problem solving and
continuous improvement in daily work
Build on existing Lean practices within your organization

Learning Objective:
 Introduce A3 Thinking as a core Lean management philosophy.
 Improve people’s ability to systematically frame, analyse and
solve problems.
 Develop people’s ability to negotiate change and reach wider
consensus, even outside their immediate circle of influence.
 Kick-start wider A3 adoption within your organization.

Target Group:
The course is designed for managers, teams, change agents,
entrepreneurs and anyone else who’d like to systematically
move from where they are and to where they need to
be. Participants are encouraged to bring questions and issues
from their business and situations.
Time allocated for activities:
The course is typically offered as 2 days training seminar for
max. 20participants. The program is highly interactive and
learner-centred for maximum motivation and retention.

The workshop includes scenarios, games and group activities to
actively involve participants and allow them to practice in a safe
and fun environment. Learners will engage in learning/refining
the A3 methodology through highly participative activities.
The workshop follows the 4c instructional design model, which is
based on sequences of:

Activities that connect learners to what they know already about
the topic, to each other, and to what they want and need to

Concrete Practice
Leaners actively review content and practice skills

Lectures or “direct instruction” training segments

Learner driven summaries, evaluations, and celebration

Learning Outcome:
On completion, participants will gain the mental models and
tools to:

Understand Lean Management, Kaizen and A3 Thinking
as a System (“Why/What”)
Breakdown and state their own problems clearly and
unambiguously (“How”)

Define targets, analyse root causes, select
countermeasures and follow-ups (“How”)

Identify common out-of-sequence patterns (“How”)
Introduce A3 thinking to their team, department and
organisation(“When/Where/How to”)

Training Conducted by Azmi Shahrin HRDF PSMB Training Provider - Business Presentation Skills Training in KL Malaysia - Kursus Pengucapan Awam - Kursus Pengucapan Awam Untuk Sekolah -

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