Monday, 11 July 2016

Accident Investigation And Reporting

Every industry dreams to have accident or incident free operation but yet accident or incident still happened. Thus Department of Occupational Safety and Health has come up with new regulation in year 2004 that enforced all employers to report any accident, dangerous occurrence, occupational poisoning and diseases. In order to report the regulations insist employer to conduct accident investigation in order to identify root cause of the incident. Thus, relevant counter measures can be instituted in order to prevent recurrence.
As such, this two days training shall able to impart the required knowledge and competency in order to conduct accident/incident investigation and produce comprehensive report to the management, stakeholders and DOSH.

1. To understand the need of conducting accident or incident investigation and how to obtain relevant information to as to identify root cause of accident or incident.

2. To learn seven steps in conducting investigation so that all accident can be investigated properly and professionally in order to avoid any procrastination.

3. To understand method to apply hierarchy of control in recommending prevention method to OSH committee and management of company

Module 1 – Introduction
NADOOPOD Regulations 2014
Employers’ Responsibility
Employees’ Responsibility

Module 2 – Requirement to Investigate
Why need to investigate
o Legal requirements
o Employee morale
o Prevention
o Future reference
o Identify root causes
Legal perspective
Protection against witness
Incident venue management

Module 3 – Collecting Data/Information
Victim background information
Previous accident record
Location lay out
SOP/Work Instruction
Witness statement
Victim statement
Machine Maintenance Record
Pre-production check sheet
Training record
Activity – Interviewing witness

Module 4 – Root Cause Analysis
Fishbone diagram
o Man
o Machine
o Method
o Material
o Mother nature (Environment)
Why-Why Analysis
Determine root cause
Applying hierarchy of control
Activity – Zizah Terenjat

Module 5 – Preparing Report
Standardizing format
Writing report
Developing action plan
Monitoring corrective and correction plan
End of the program

The program will be conducted by combining theory, concept and activities in order to ensure participant competent in conducting accident/incident investigation at workplace.

This program will be conducted in two days and preferably at workplace.

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