Tuesday 25 February 2014

Blue Ocean Strategy


The seminar aims to introduce the concept and principles of Blue Ocean Strategy to delegates so that they are able to apply the strategy to transform their organization in preparation for future challenges. The learning outcomes are :

Discover how to increase opportunities in uncontested market space

Develop an in-depth understanding of how to generate a Blue Ocean Strategy which creates
breakthrough idea on how to bench-test new strategy and how to convert it into an actionable plan

Gain key insights on how the Blue Ocean concept, tools and frameworks will complement
and go beyond the traditional approaches to strategy

Unleash the power of a Blue Ocean Strategy, in particular within a difficult economic climate

Leverage ‘Value innovations’ and how Blue Ocean Strategy creates breakthrough ideas

Learn to diagnose and recognise shortfalls in current products and services strategies

Apply Blue Ocean Strategy to your own organisation

Promote and maintain team effectiveness and productivity


This seminar employs adult learning techniques, which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding, retention and application.


Module 1
Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy – the perils of competing in conventional ways, BOS origin and conceptual framework,
the need to innovate to stay on top

Module 2
Strategy Canvass – a diagnostic tool for building BOS, capturing the the current state of play

Module 3
Visual Awakening – capturing the BIG picture, determining Value Factors, constructing the ‘AS-IS’ Strategy

Module 4
Red Ocean Vs Blue Ocean – achieving breakthrough through Value Innovation

Module 5
The 6th Path – searching for uncontested market, head-to-head competition Versus Blue Ocean creation

Module 6
The ERRC Grid – reconstructing the market boundaries, the four action framework for developing New Value Curve

Module 7
The Non-customers – scaling up the BOS, reaching beyond existing demand Module 8
Buyer’s/ investor’s Experience Cycle – searching for the un-served market needs

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