Wednesday 26 February 2014

“Workplace Feel-Good Factors”


In any organization happy employees are better equipped to handle workplace relationships, stress, and change. Organizations that understand this, and help employees improve their wellbeing, can boost their productivity. Thus, knowledge of these feel-good factors are crucial to the organizations, and so are their applications at the workplace!


By the end of this workshop, the participants will learn those factors – personal, organization-based and external – that affect their performance. Identifying these factors, and understanding them, can help improve recruitment, retention and organizational results.

Learning Approach

Practical-based sessions with lectures, group activities, and opportunities for participants to develop their knowledge and skills through exercises.


The VBAI Relationship:

- Understanding Own-Self for Corporate Success

Personal Productivity:

- Your Personal Goals – the Three P’s
- The SMART Way

Being Civil at the Workplace:

- Civility at the Workplace
- those Uncivil Workplace Behaviours
- Dealing With Difficult Personalities

Work-Life Balance:

- Benefits of a Healthy Balance
- Workplace Wellbeing
- Staying Fit – Work and Life

Workplace Diversity:

- Breaking Down the Barriers
- Conditioning Your Personal Approach
- Encouraging Workplace and Social Changes

Critical Success Factors:

- Business-Life Factors


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