Wednesday 3 July 2013

Mistake Proofing / Poka Yoke


Errors cause defects. Successful Mistake-Proofing is accomplished by teaching your team to develop low-cost/no-cost devices, thereby making it impossible for an operator to make the mistake that lead to that defect.

1. To understand the definition and concepts of Mistake-Proofing

2. Better awareness of your own quality issues

3. To differentiate between errors and defects

4. To identify specific problem conditions in your workplace

5. To understand source inspection

6. To understand that effective Mistake-Proofing will eliminate errors    and the causes of defects

7. How to recognize effective M-P devices

8. Learn  to invent a successful Mistake-Proofing device


Lecture, Discussion & Case Studies

Course Content

1. Welcome and Introductions

-  Review Consequences of Making Defects
-  Rework Increases!
-  Scrap Increases!
-  Costs go Way Up!
-  Recalls Can Occur!
-  Customers May Be Lost!
-  Sales Go Down!

2. Two Approaches to Human Errors:

-  Errors are inevitable
-  Errors can be eliminated
-  Discuss Inspections:
  • Even the most efficient inspection operations are nothing more than efficiently wasteful
  • Inspections are non value-added and are secondary to production

3. Learn the Difference Between Errors and Defects:
-  Cause and effect relationship
-  Red flags
-  Learn to identify red flag conditions
-  Red flag conditions provoke errors
-  Red flag conditions make it easier to make mistakes
-  Learn specific red flags

4. Learn Three Basic Concepts of Zero Defects:

-  Source inspection
-  100% inspection
-  Immediate feedback and corrective action

5. How Do We Get There?

-  Identify where the defect was discovered
-  Identify where the defects are made
   The Three Types of Poka-Yoke Devices Are (in order of preference):
  • Eliminate error
  • Detect error
  • Detect defect

6. Mistake-Proofing Devices

-  Everyday Mistake-Proofing devices
-  Industrial examples of hardware and devices
-  Immediate feedback and corrective action
-  Sensors
-  Interlocks
-  Passive selection
-  PLCs & software

7. The Practical Steps of the Mistake-Proofing Methodology:

-  Determine root cause
-  Brainstorm
-  Implement the Mistake-Proofing device
-  Learn some typical Mistake-Proofing devices
-  What is the error?
-  What is the resulting defect?
-  What is the Mistake-Proofing device?

8. 10-Minute Exercise:

-  List defects in your workplace
-  Estimate cost
-  Present the results

Target Audience

-  Design and manufacturing engineers
-  Quality inspectors and Managers
-  Machine operators and producers
-  Lean enterprise champions and drivers

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