Wednesday 3 July 2013

Production Planning, Scheduling & Control


Organizations use Production planning and control as a tool to drive behaviors and improve performance in the supply chain management. In the present work environment everyone in the workforce should plan and evaluate their performances and initiate efforts to correct variations to support smooth operations. However, they are faced with following questions:
  • How is our organization performing?
  • How am I performing?
  • How do I know?
  • What are the measures?


1. On completion of the Program, participants will be able:
  • Understand the concept and benefits of planning
  • See how it could help improve in their daily activities
  • Identify opportunities in inventory management
  • Learn how to apply the tools by participating in a simulation
  • Understand the indicators that measure their performance and the organization


Lecture, Workshop Activities, Discussion & Calculations

Course Content

  • Introduction to Management and definitions of management, value, efficiency, effectiveness and control
  • What is a good forecast. Forecasting techniques both qualitative and    quantitative
  • Good and Bad Forecasting and Capacity Planning
  • Man and Job matching techniques. Optimizing manpower
  • Machine loading and capacity analysis
  • Sequencing – In what order should we process the orders:
  1. First come First serve
  2. Shortest processing Time
  3. Earliest due Date
  4. Critical Ratio
  5. Fewest Operation Remaining
  6. Least Set-Up
  • Sequencing - Talk Time, Cycle Time, Lead Time and Throughput Time
  • Line Balancing
  • Scheduling – What should we process and when should we process it
  • Types of Scheduling – Forward and Backward Scheduling
  • Using Gantt Charts
  • Controls – Precise, Accurate and Biasness. Tools used in controlling    Control Charts
  • Understanding of Inventory

Target Audience

  • Production Manager / Executive / Supervisor
  • Factory Manager / Supervisor / Coordinator
  • Operations Manager/Executive/Officer
  • Line Manager / Executive/ Supervisor
  • Production & Material Planner

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