Wednesday 3 July 2013

Public Speaking Skills Program


This 2-day intensive public speaking skills program is specially customized to meet client’s training needs in upgrading its capability to meet present and future challenges. It is suitable for any support staff, executives and managers from any department who need to enhance their public speaking and general communication skills.


An effective speech is one that achieves the objective of getting the audience to take an intended and specific action e.g. briefing delegates, subscribing to a service, approving a proposal etc. To achieve this, the speaker needs to overcome nervousness, and incorporate elements of dynamic delivery and critical content into the speech. These are the ingredients that will transform any boring ineffective speech into one that is impactful, engaging and highly effective.

  1. Transform boring and ineffective speeches into exciting and effective ones
  2. Incorporate elements of dynamic delivery and critical content into any speech
  3. Anticipate and fulfill the audience expectations
  4. Use politically correct phrases to avoid confrontation

In this program, participants will first of all acquire basic public speaking skills required for delivering effective speeches. Next, participants will learn to apply advanced public speaking skills to enhance their capability to leave a lasting impact on any audience. At the end of the program, participants will be able to deliver professional and effective speeches with confidence, persuasiveness and style.


This program employs adult learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding and retention. Participants will spend 80% of the time in individual or group activities which allow them to learn, develop and practice presentation skills. A workbook is used to facilitate the program and additional notes will be handed out where necessary.

Course Content

Module 1
  • Introduction to Public Speaking Skills – the importance of effective public speaking, a glimpse of great speeches

Module 2
  • Self-assessment – where am I now and where do I want to be?

Module 3
  • Overcoming Nervousness & Avoiding Speech Crutches - first project focusing on reducing nervousness and speech crutches

Module 4A
  • Elements of Dynamic Delivery I – Incorporate basic and advanced hand gestures

Module 4B
  • Elements of Dynamic Delivery II – apply Stance, facial expression and eye contact

Module 4C
  • Elements of Dynamic Delivery III – Use vocal projection and variation into the speech delivery; applying the dos and the don’t of delivery

Module 5
  • Speech Organization – Focus on elements of introduction, body & conclusion; logic and sequencing; anticipate and fulfill audience expectations

Module 6
  • Pronunciation Skills – Correcting commonly mispronounced words by Malaysians. For example:
  1. Correct > kuh-rekt instead of ko-rekt
  2. Connect > kuh-nekt instead of ko-nekt

Module 7
  • Presenting a Speech, Briefing or Proposal – This exercise can be customized to accommodate and practice actual Speech, Briefings or Proposals at the workplace

Module 8
  • Further Steps – self-assessment again, comparison with earlier results, what to do next to become even better

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