Tuesday 18 June 2013

6 Sigma - Black Belt (15 Days Program)


Six Sigma emphasizes quality improvement, but it is more than statistics and tools. The proven Six Sigma methodology is a systematic application that is focused on achieving significant financial results.
When properly deployed on carefully selected business projects, this methodology can lead to a significant reduction and in many cases, elimination of defects and out-of-control processes, which saves valuable corporate resources. That translates into immediate and dramatic financial profitability.

This Six Sigma Black Belt training is specifically designed to provide and prepare participants to implement the principles, practices, and techniques of Six Sigma in order to deliver breakthrough business improvement results time after time. This training is conducted in a series of sessions.


1. Compute and apply basic statistics

2. Establish and benchmark process capability

3. Apply key statistical tools for hypothesis testing

4. Learn how to construct and use variable and attribute data

5. Identify and leverage dominant variation sources

6. Establish realistic performance tolerances

7. Design and execute multivariable experiments

8. Learn how to plan and implement process control systems


Lecture, Discussion & Case Studies

Course Outline

1. Defining Problem/ Opportunities and measuring existing process

2. Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C Breakthrough Strategy


4. Project Definition and Charter

5. Process Mapping, QFD and FMEA

6. The Power of Data

7. Variable & Attribute Data

8. Process Time Study

9. Cost of Poor Quality

10. Statistical Thinking and Control Charts

11. Process Capability

12. Planning Data Collection

13. Pareto Analysis

14. Measurement System Analysis

15. Improving existing process.

16. Controlling / monitoring process for stability and root cause identifications:

-  Project Reviews
-  Cause and Effect Analysis
-  FMEA for Six Sigma
-  Estimation and Confidence Intervals
-  Hypothesis Testing
-  Analysis of Variance
-  Correlation and Simple Linear Regression
-  Logistic Regression
-  Determine Solutions
-  Introduction to DOE
-  Error Proofing -POKA YOKE
-  Standardized Work and Visual Controls
-  Create the Project Management Plan

17.Improving and Controlling Existing Process

-  Project Reviews
-  Review of Analyze Phase
-  Polynomial and Multiple Regression
-  Determine Solutions
-  Basic Design of Experiments
-  Full Factorial Designs
-  Fractional Factorial Designs
-  Response Surface Methodology
-  Taguchi design
-  Review of Improve Phase
-  Control Plans
-  Standardized Work and Visual Controls
-  Error Proofing - Poke Yoke
-  Control Charts for Variable & Attribute Data

Target Audience

Managers, Executives, Supervisors and Engineers who wants to:
-  Learn this highly valued skill set
-  Initiate the Six Sigma methodology to eliminate a current business    problem
-  Successfully fulfill the  role of a Six Sigma Black Belt

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