Tuesday 18 June 2013

Environment Spills Training - Hazardous Toxic Substances


This course is designed for personnel responsible for managing and dealing with hazardous materials. The aim of the course is to give course members an appreciation of the need for strict control procedures needed to enable them to deal with different types of spill accidents.

Course Content

Module 1
  • Understand the steps in dealing with a spillage

Module 2
  • Be able to select the correct spill control media and equipment
Module 3
  • Know the procedure for summoning assistance

Module 4
Environment Spills Response: Overview
  • What is a spill under the regulations
  • Reportable quantities
  • Fines and costs associated with spills
  • Spill video "Hazardous Materials - Leaks, Drips and Spill Cleanup"

Module 5
Health Effects Of Exposure To A Chemical Spill:
  • Toxicology - how chemicals affect our body
  • Routes of Entry
  • Chemistry for non-chemists

Module 6
Personal Protective Equipment:
  • Protective clothing
  • Respirator protection etc.

Module 7
Spill Equipment:
  • Various adsorbents available on the market
  • Agents for neutralization

Module 8
Spill Procedures & Clean Up
  • General spill control procedures
  • Dealing with oils and solvents
  • Dealing with reactive materials

Module 9
Potential For Spills
  • Workshop-group identifies specific materials at their location that could spill and could cause an environmental hazard
  • Review & discuss your current spills response procedures

Module 10
How Long Does It Take?
  • Theory training takes four hours. Chemical Spill Response Drill And     Review will take three hours

Target Audience

All workers, supervisors, managers, engineers and joint health and safety committee members who are involved with spills procedures

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