Tuesday 18 June 2013

Effective QCC & 7QC Tools


Effective QCC & 7QC tools is a program designed to support manufacturers on how to use various Quality tools on improving your Quality & Operations efficiency


  1. Enable to chart out an appropriate QCC structure and clarify its functions within the organization
  2. Provide skills and techniques on the concepts, operation and philosophy of Quality Control Circle / Innovative and Creative Circles
  3. Understand the importance of Quality Tools in process control & improvements
  4. Interpret graphs and QC Tools in a correct manner
  5. To implement the 7 QC Tools effectively to analyze and interpret data for problem solving


Lecture, Discussion & Case Studies.

Course Content
  1. Brief introduction to QCC, Quality Control and PDCA
  2. Introduction to Continuous Improvement and 7 basic QC tools
  3. Brainstorming - A creative process : Cause & Effect (Fishbone diagram)
  4. Basic understandings of Statistics
  5. Conducting a Normality Test (Anderson Darling’s test)
  6. The basic understanding of variations and how to control these variations
  7. Introduction, application and description on Check Sheet or Check List
  8. Introduction, application and description on Boxplot
  9. Introduction, application and description on Pareto Diagram
  10. Introduction, application and description on Graphs and Control Charts
  11. Introduction, application and description on Scatter Diagram and Coorelation
  12. Flowchart constructions and applications
  13. Construction of Histograms and its application
  14. Basic Anova

Excel Tools and Templates for the above applications will be given free during training.

Target Audience

  1. Production Manager / Executive /Engineers/ Supervisor
  2. Factory Manager / Supervisor / Coordinator
  3. Line Manager / Executive/ Supervisor
  4. QC or QA Manager / Executive / Officer
  5. Factory Workers & Personnel involved in Quality Control

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