Monday 17 June 2013

Customer Service Excellence


This is an intensive course for executives and managers who need assistance to improve Customer Service.


Organisations spend substantial amounts of money to get more a customer. This can be wasted or loss without a commitment to retain goodwill of the customer through consistent and good customer relations by the staff.  People go where they feel wanted and cared about.  The better your customers are treated, the most likely they are to keep coming back.  Your employees must remember that customers are not interruptions of their jobs but they are the reason those jobs exist.  

No matter your organisation comes out with, your competitors can easily duplicate those efforts.  This program will provide the only factor your competitors cannot duplicate which is the excellence customer services provided by the employees.

This seminar assists participants to deliver excellent customer service, by focussing on the following:

1. Help the participants to manage conflict, complaints and difficult  people without getting angry and defensive

2. Identify the characteristic of customer and overcoming their needs

3. Render services at a different level as service form the heart,  therefore more empathy towards the customer


This programme employs adult learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding and retention. Participants will spend 50% of the time in individual or group activities. A workbook is used to facilitate the programme and additional notes will be handed out where necessary. 

Course Content 

1. Customer Service

-  Identify the customer
-  Managing the service cycle
-  Establishing rapport 

2. Identifying the service

-  Complete the transaction 

3. Essential Customer Communication Skills

-  The process of communication
-  Barrier in communication
-  Types of communication
-  Listening skills – listening to understand and offer alternative
-  Solution and help courteously
-  Effective questioning techniques
-  Speaking clearly and courteously and with the eight tones of voice

4. Telephone techniques

-  Receiving calls and greeting callers
-  Taking messages
-  Screening and transferring calls
-  Handling abusive remark

5. Dealing With Difficult Customer Situations

-  Complaints and grievances
-  Different types of customers
-  Handling telephone conflict
-  Dealing with angry callers
-  Dealing with conflicts 

Target Group

This seminar is suitable for Executives and Managers who deal with customers

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