Tuesday 18 June 2013

Training Need Analysis


At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
  1. Conduct a comprehensive and continuous analysis to determine company, department and individual training needs
  2. Identify and recommend training and development needs and priorities which contribute to organizational effectiveness
  3. Recommend appropriate direct action to be taken by senior management, through written report and personal presentation
  4. Identify training and development needs related to changes in organizational plans
  5. Identify external requirements and factors that affect training and development needs in organizations
  6. Identify the difference level of evaluation tools
  7. Recommend the best suitable level of evaluation for assessing the effectiveness of training

Course Content

1. An Overview of a Systematic Approach to Training and Development

- The systematic training cycle
- The training needs analysis
- The formulation and designing of training plan
- The implementation of training plans
- The assessment of training effectiveness

2. An Introduction to Training Needs Analysis

- The purpose of an organisational training and development needs analysis
- The importance of an organisational training and development needs analysis
- Reasons for doing training needs analysis
- Organisational level training needs
- The PEST Analysis
- The TNA at departmental level

3. Training Needs Analysis Model

- Designing responsibility for analysis
- Planning for analysis
- Collecting information
- Challenges and performance problem was related
- Interpreting and action plan

4. Method used in Gathering Data for Analysis of Training Needs

- The process of gathering data
- Possible areas of investigation in gathering data
- Interviewing to obtain information
- Using questionnaires for training needs analysis
- Manpower analysis
- Job description analysis
- Observation technique
- Brainstorming techniques
- Problem analysis

5. Analysis of Training Needs Identifications Data

- The needs analysis process
- Analysis of data collected
- Interpreting the result
- Designing the training plan

6. Recommending Action and Presenting Persuasive Presentation

- Preparing the report
- Presentation preparation
- Meeting with the management
- Effective presentation

7. Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

- Training effectiveness and the importance of evaluation
- Stage in training evaluation
  • Level 1: Reaction
  • Level 2: Learning
  • Level 3: Job Behaviour
  • Level 4: Organizational’s Result
  • Level 5: ROI
- Choosing and techniques in implementing the evaluation system

8. Case Study

- TNA Project Implementation Case Study
- TNA Project Implementation at participant’s own organization
- Overcoming barrier to effective response

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