Monday 17 June 2013

Stress Management

  1. Recognise symptoms and causes of pressure and overcome its negative  effects on individual performance
  2. Communicate effectively and assertively by using a variety of  skills
  3. Utilise practical steps to manage and be in control of ones  available time
  4. Cope with stress through physical and mental discipline

Course Content

1. Understanding Pressure and its Effect on Individual Performance

-  The causes of pressure
-  The good and bad news about pressure
-  How to cope with pressure

2. Communicating Effectively and Assertively with others

-  Ineffective Communication and Stress
-  Understanding Assertiveness and how to use it
-  Guidelines for Assertive Behaviour
-  Theory to practise
3. Staying In Control of Your Time

-  Balancing Work and Family Life
-  Ways to Add in hour to your day
-  Staying Organized

4. Keeping your Body Healthy and Fit to cope with stress

-  Your Body and stress
-  Diseases and effect from stress
-  Eating for Health-What and How

5. Relaxation Techniques
-  Some practical ways
-  Solat and Zikir
-  Using Shiatsu in your daily life
-  Diaphragmatic breathing
-  Quieting Reflex
-  Imaging / Visualization
-  Exercise / Yoga
-  REM sleep
-  Karaoke & Music
6. Developing a Positive Thinking
-  Attitude and Career Success
-  The Need for Attitude Renewal
-  Making Alternations to your attitude
-  Emotion and Control
-  Positive Thinking in developing excellence personality

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