Tuesday 18 June 2013

"6S Housekeeping" - Good Workplace Organisation


  1. The 6S is an acronym for 6 Japanese words which describe the methodology for developing the basis of process improvements
  2. 6S is more of a people process than it is a manufacturing technique. And it is much more than simply cleaning up your area – it is a discipline that truly can enable you and your organization to achieve greater results
  3. This course will not only help you learn what 6S is, it will also help you successfully implement 6S within your own organization. If you want to improve your immediate work area – and if you want to contribute to your organization’s success – you will want to learn about 6S


  1. Provide exposure on the importance of 6S system in workplace organization at all levels
  2. Correlate 6S system with customer satisfaction
  3. Introducing 6S system to the whole organization
  4. Introducing steps to follow in establishing the 6S system in the organization & factors that can contribute to its success


Lectures and Discussion and Examples

Course Content

1. What is 6S All About?
  • An overview of the 6S’s is presented
  • The benefits and operational impact of implementing the 6S’s are discussed

2. Sort: Clearing the Work Area
  • How to organize the work area for efficiency & effectiveness
  • A stepwise approach to clear the work area is presented.

3. Set in Order: Designated Locations

  • How to designate “a place for everything & ensure everything is in its place.”
  • Considerations for establishing locations for storing items  including: storage rational, storage options, location-specific tips, storage don’ts, using signs & labels, & documenting the plan are all covered

4. Shine: Cleanliness & Workplace Appearance
  • The three aspects of Shine (getting the workplace clean, maintaining  its appearance, and using preventive measures to keep it clean) are     explored

5. Standardize: Everyone Doing Things the Same Way
  • The three aspects of Shine (getting the workplace clean, maintaining  its appearance, and using preventive    measures to keep it clean) are explored

6. Sustain: Ingrain It in the Culture
  • Sustain is perhaps the toughest of the 6S’s. Techniques to prevent backsliding are presented
  • Challenge: An assessment of the learner’s progress in this unit

7. Business Etiquettes, manners, politeness in customer service and  workplace

8. An Organization-Wide 6S Effort
  • How to plan and implement a 5S initiative
  • An 8-point roadmap for the 5S’s:
  1. Leadership Team
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Communications
  4. Training
  5. 6S Pilots
  6. Best Practices
  7. Full Roll-Out Plan
  8. Evaluate & Adjust

Target Audience:
  1. All staffs in Production, Warehouse and Office
  2. Management, Supervisor, Team Leaders & Operators

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