Monday 17 June 2013

Managing Employee Absenteeism


This is an intensive 1-day seminar on Managing Employee Absenteeism for HR executives, managers and practitioners. 


Employee absenteeism is a critical problem affecting all Malaysian companies and organisations. Employees make a lot of excuses and cheat to be absent. As a result, employers lose a lot of money when staff morale and productivity is greatly reduced. This is the reason why it is important for employers to keep their employees at work

Therefore, there is an urgent need for HR executives and managers to fully understand the reasons for absenteeism and learn strategies to manage it in order to improve productivity and maintain staff discipline. However, many of them are unable to manage the problem effectively and need expert advice

This seminar assists participants to manage absenteeism by providing extensive examples and case studies from companies which have successfully managed this problem 

At the end of the programme, participants will

-  Understand the causes of absenteeism
-  Apply absence management strategies
-  Manage disciplinary procedures
-  Learn how other companies deal with absenteeism
-  Understand the law on absenteeism
-  Manage Employee Absenteeism


This programme employs adult learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding and retention. Participants will spend 50% of the time in individual or group activities. A workbook is used to facilitate the programme and additional notes will be handed out where necessary

Course Content

1. Meaning of Absenteeism

-  Section 15(2) of the Employment Act 1955
-  Absence Without  Leave & Abandonment of Service
-  Misconduct & Burden of Proof

2. Other Forms of Absenteeism

-  Excessive Medical Leave
-  Tardiness At Workplace

3. Understanding the Causes of Absenteeism

-  Ability/Boredom/Routine
-  Stress
-  Motivation Issues
-  Medical Disorder
-  Peer Pressure
-  Work Conditions

4. Remedies to Absenteeism

-  Procedures & Policies
-  Sick Leave Management
-  Reward & Recognition Programme
-  Buddy System
-  Team-Based Responsibilities
-  Sense of Belonging

5. Improving Work Conditions

6. Disciplinary Procedure to Address Absenteeism

-  Drafting Charges
-  Initial Counselling
-  Show Cause & Warning Letters
-  Domestic Inquiry
-  Termination

Target Group

This seminar is suitable for HR Executives, Managers and Practitioners

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