Monday 17 June 2013

Managing Absenteeism at the Workplace


Absenteeism is an epidemic that need to be control and maintained continuously. Absenteeism is also a form of Misconduct that may result in disastrous result. Employers need to understand how to manage absenteeism and furthermore know how to deal and handle the issue without making it more complicated to be solved


These programs are designed to assist the management to have a better perspective on the habit of absent, tardiness and late comings that can jeopardize the company’s reputation and at the same time imposing the correct method in dealing with it

Course Content

1. Why Absent ?

-  Type of absenteeism.
-  Interpretation by law.
-  Provision under the law (Industrial Relation Act)

2. Leave Issues

-  Managing leave
-  SOP on leave
-  Leave vs Absent

3. Habitual Absenteeism

-  Case study on the trend
-  Court awards

4. Lateness & Tardiness
-  Lateness & Tardiness
-  Habitual late comming
-  Leaving work early
-  Absent during working hours
-  Courts’ rulling

5. Maintenance of Discipline

-  Corrective discipline
-  Court’s ruling and definition

6. Condonation of Absence

7. Punishment for unlawful absence

-  Scope of punishment

8. Right of employers on leave matters

-  Rest day
-  Public holidays
-  Maternity leave
-  Trade Union leave

9. Whether the current practice is in accordance with the law ?

-  Provision in the act
-  Practice in the Court

10.Guide to managing absenteeism

-  Corrective measures
-  Punitive measures

11.Case study

Target audience

Management team, Head of departments, Managers, Executives and  Supervisors

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