Tuesday 18 June 2013

Advanced ICC Tools


The Advance ICC Tools is the extension of the 7 QC tools to enable the participants improve the problem solving capabilities. It is to enhance the project management skills of the participants. It helps to develop excellent ICC project by applying the new Advance ICC tools.


Lecture, Discussion & Case Studies 

Course Outline

1. Brief introduction to the PDCA cycle

2. Brief introduction to Continuous Improvement and 7 basic QC tools

3. Introduction to Value Stream Mapping

4. Drill down Tree Analysis

5. Introduction to QFD


7. RTY

8. Advance SPC with Capability Studies

9. Normal Distribution

10. Basic Statistics and Normality Test

11. Case studies using ANOVA analysis, one-way and two-way

12. Extension of Scatter Plot using Regression Analysis

13. Introduction to Lean – 8 types of wastes

Target Audience

-  Production Manager / Executive /Engineers/ Supervisor
-  Line Manager / Executive/ Supervisor
-  QC or QA Manager / Executive / Officer
-  Factory Workers & Personnel involved in Quality Control and ICC

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